Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines



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Oko Journal of Communication and Information Science (OJCIS) is a publication of School of Information Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, Nigeria. The journal is peer-reviewed and publishes online biannually.  The journal focuses on Media, Communications and Information Science, Information and Communication Technology as well as interdisciplinary areas. In the 21st Century, all disciplines have some interface– the social sciences, arts, science and technology are all working together. We, therefore, encourage authors and researchers to present works in these broad areas. It also accepts papers from scholars of various disciplines, countries and institutions. The journal encourages presentation of research papers, empirical studies and quality articles. This edition is online. Take advantage of the situation and establish or improve your online visibility.

Guidelines for Authors

Prospective participants are encouraged to submit abstracts, full papers and five minutes videos that address the theme of the conference.  Empirical studies, research and quality articles are, therefore, welcome. Proper citations and references (APA 6TH edition) are central to quality presentation.

Organization of Files                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Please send only MS Word (2007 edition). You are requested to use 12 points Times New Roman with double space between the lines. Justify the main text and indent first lines of paragraphs rather than spacing between them. Please number all pages except the cover/title page.                               

Margins: One (1) inch margin on all four sides.                                            

Indentation: Indent paragraphs by half (1/2) an inch.

Title Page                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The title page should include paper title, author(s) name(s) (first name first, then middle name and surname last with qualifications), rank, address for correspondence including institutional affiliation, department, telephone number(s) and a working e-mail address. Only the front cover of an article should bear author's name and particulars. The title or cover page shall not be numbered.


An abstract gives a reader a basic understanding of a paper.  Depending on the nature of the paper, an abstract may include an explanation of the research objectives and goals, the methods used and the results achieved, as well as any findings, recommendations or conclusions drawn from the study. The importance of your research should be clear. Exclude references, figures, equations, or tables. Your abstract should not be less 200 words, and not more than 250 words.  Your abstract should summarise the main conclusions and shall be followed by not more than five key words.  Please number this page as page 1.

Main Body                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Start the main body of the paper on page 2. The paper shall be in Microsoft Office Word format, 2007 version. The text shall be double-spaced, in a 12-point Times New Roman. The paper shall be A4, double-spaced and not more than 20 pages including the abstract, texts, tables, footnotes, appendixes, and references.  The full-text paper is a comprehensive summary of your paper or study. It should begin with an introduction that covers information on the background or literature reviews.  All citations should be referenced at the end of the paper. The scientific papers should describe in detail, the methodology used, the results, as well as recommendations and conclusions.

The paper should be on A4 paper size. Paragraphs should be indented (no block paragraphing). The first paragraph of a topic should be flushed or aligned left and the second and subsequent ones are indented five spaces to the right.

• Authors should be consistent with British English.
• Papers should be rich in current references and empirical citations.
• Papers must not have been published or sent for consideration elsewhere.
• Referencing should be in the APA style, 6th edition and listed at the end of the article in strict alphabetical order.

• Short direct quotations of three lines should be included in the text within inverted commas (“ ”) while direct quotations of more than three lines should be indented in a separate paragraph . All precise or exact words must be accompanied by the pages they appeared.

• Online sources should be properly referenced to include all relevant details in line with APA 6th edition.


Papers are to be submitted by e-mail to (as document attachment using Microsoft Office Word).


All manuscripts received shall be subjected to plagiarism check and result must be within the acceptable level. Manuscripts with results higher than the acceptable level shall be returned for corrections, or rejected. Authors are, therefore, urged to be original and credit sources appropriately. Authors, not the Editorial Board shall be responsible for any case undetected plagiarism.


Deadline for submission of full papers: October 10, 2021

Release online of Oko Journal of Communications and Information Science (OJCIS) Vol. 3: No 3, October 30, 2021 @ http//

Effective Date of the Journal: October, 2021.


Paper Publication: 15, 000 or $50 (International) 




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